Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tombstone national park mug: Photo to clay

My boyfriend Jimmy and I drove from Vancouver to Inuvik, one of the most Northern points that you can drive to in Canada.  It was an epic 2.5 week drive in August, but it was worth it just to camp in Tombstone National Park.  There were almost no humans and instead our neighbours were caribou herds, fox, thinhorn sheep and tons of wild mushrooms.  The tundra was gorgeous, with tons of changing colour which I tried to capture on this mug made for my mother who is a lover of prairies and wide open spaces.

Making the mug:
This mug was hand built, the handle was pulled into form and the bushes and mountain lines were etched onto the wet clay.  

Interior is white dip glaze.  
Exterior is coloured with underglaze that's been layered and sponged off to create more texture.  Then the exterior is dipped in clear.

Tombstone National Park

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